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"Ready, Stepanych?"

Like a pioneer!

A stooping, wrinkled old man put on a backpack and a greasy baseball cap. The look is so awkward, like the gnomes in cartoons

We left the entrance, there was immediately a Volkswagen with the door open.

Stepanych sat down for a long time, economically and noisily, I bit my lips and looked around. Conspiracy to hell, they could have followed from the window behind me. But I won’t explain to him that his apartment is needed as an ambush for the “tenant”.

Stepanych is the only one who knows him by sight, and it is logical to expect a visit. But how can you achieve speed in your movements when Stepanych at first was about to sit up straight with a backpack, then he took it off and began to clean the stains with a baseball cap, then, putting it on the floor by the door, climbed up, raising his leg, and soiled the front seat. And there was a lot more.



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