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Explore Bracken County

Formed in 1796, Bracken County features a lush landscape with rolling hills, ancient woodlands, scenic byways, and serene waterways. In the north, the Mary Ingles Scenic Byway (better known as Route 8) criss-crosses the county, following the twists and turns of the mighty Ohio River. The southern portion of the county is mostly agrarian, rich farmland where corn, tobacco, cattle and, of course, horses are raised. In the middle rests Brooksville, the county seat. Explore the backroads of Bracken County and discover the beauty that can be found in our corner of the Bluegrass State.


Walcott Covered Bridge

Former warehouse for the Rock Spring Distillery

Known as "The Rock House," this building is assumed to have been built by surveyors around 1771, making it the oldest house in Bracken County and one of the oldest buildings in Kentucky. 

Tobacco curing in a barn - a common sight

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